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Late July 2021 : A Spirit Told Me The Apostle Paul Would Go To Church On Fridays To Get Closer To The Spirit

I walked across an island starting somewhere near the beach front. I walked with a spirit on my right side and we pressed up that slanted hill as the ocean breeze and the distant crash of waves filled the air. There was a church on the slope a good mile and a half away. [1] This image is just something I referenced online.

I spoke with the spirit and can't really recall what we talked about as we tread along. Halfway to the church I saw far off in the distance a separate, evil spirit flying across the land towards us from clear the other side of the island. It's appearance in shape was like a dragon puppet used in Chinese festivals [2]. It was black in color and had the head of a dead fish. It's body was all bones and skeletons also like a dead fish. It moved similar to a snake as it moved rapidly 10 feet or so above the ground. It moved something close to 90-100 mph for reference. It came barreling at me and the spirit and I felt neither afraid nor was my attention not with this spirit/ man/ heavenly being. As the beast came close to me and the spirit, maybe a 100 yards, the spirit told it to Go, and then I told it to go and immediately it was sent the opposite direction like a ball bouncing off a wall due to it's own momentum. The beastly spirit then went out as far as the waters on the opposite side of the island to my left and passed between two men on a boat with a single sail. It went so fast the 2 men on opposite ends of the boat we're rattled.

I continued on with the spirit and as we neared the church and he told me that sometimes, when the apostle Paul needed to get closer to the Holy Spirit he would go to church on Fridays. As I entered the door to the church the spirit morphed into my girlfriends father. He lead me into the church which was a big square. I took a right and then a left into a large area where many round tables were set out and people were eating. My girlfriends father went to go find his friends. I continued roaming the church looking for someone, perhaps the spirit who lead me up the hill. The people who ate were quite older and I didn't know anyone there.

There was one part of the church that was peculiar. I walked by an alter and pulpit that was elevated in the center of the building facing the back half of the church where all the tables and people eating were. I wondered a little more still searching and then, Then the dream ended.

What I took from this was to go look at opportunities that may be occurring at my church on Fridays. I intend to listen to this dream and update this page.