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Welcome to Bible Ninja


Before you begin, check out this cool sunset.[1] bannans!

What is this exactly?

This is the creation of a bunch of rad dudes who have a bible study on discord together. We all have diverse backgrounds but one thing we agree on is Jesus is the king of our lives.

As inferior mere mortals we decided that we'd create a wiki to help other inferior mere mortals. Here we can document real problemms for other people to read dealing with items like

Porn, Hate, Annoying Spouses, Greed, Loss of faith, and spelling

As superior mere mortals in our victories in Jesus we also talk about our successes over these very real men's issues like

Grace, Kindness, Wisdom, Priortizing God first, Prayer, Fasting, and spelliing

It's hard out there man! Every step we take towards and with God is a testimony that someone else has yet to go through, is going through, or looking back on in defeat or in victory. Hopefully this page helps you in those wins. If you want to join this community...of currently 5...yes...only 5 guys. Sign up and create a page to share who you are with us!

Got questions: So do we...constantly. Email us at

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.